About Adamawa State

Adamawa Map

Adamawa State, in Northeast Nigeria is the birthplace of our family and as such it maintains an important role in all that the Priam Group seeks to achieve with every one of our businesses seeking to involve or impact Adamawa state in a positive way. We are the largest private economic contributor and private employer in the state and we believe in the concept of creating businesses in areas forgotten by most; that by creating a conducive environment we allow areas struck by low investment and poverty to grow and thrive.

Location: Borders Borno state to the Northwest, borders Taraba state to the Southwest, borders Gombe state to the west, and borders Cameroon to the east forming a major part of the national eastern boarder

Established: 27 August 1991

Capital: Yola

Area Total: 36,917 km2 (14,254 sq ml)

Size: 7th largest state in Nigeria and more than 3 times the size of Qatar

Population (2005): 3,737,223

Time zone: GMT (UTC+1)

GDP (2007): $4.58 billion

GDP per Capita: $1,417

Economy: Agriculture (Cotton, Groundnuts), Fishing, and Livestock

History: The name "Adamawa" came from the founder of the Kingdom, Modibbo Adama in the early 1800's. After the European colonization (first by Germany and then by Britain) the rulers remained as Emirs or Lamidos in Fulfulde language, and the line of succession has continued to the present day.